Dark Rising Trilogy


The first book in the Dark Rising Trilogy kicks of with Secret of the Last Born. The series is set in the real world and follows the lives and adventures of two characters; Alex and Rose. This new world masterfully created by TC Michael is jammed full of magic, adventures, romance, and monsters. Readers will be pulled in and strung along in this breathtaking tale.

Book Synopsis:

Something was mysterious about the new girl. She was different, and Alex couldn’t figure out what it was – until he followed her home. Then everything changed.

Could the folklore of Meadow Brook Falls be true? Could this red-haired, sweet beauty be more than just human? She certainly bewitched him. And when push comes to shove, Alex is ready to defend her to the death.

Will the dark forest put an end to both their young lives? Will it be the beginning to a dark reign of terror no one can control? Or will it be the beginning of innocent romance, a new world of light?

Alex is running out of time to save his red-haired love. And little does he know – the world is running out of time, too.

Secret of the last Born comes in eBook and paperback, both can be found here.